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True Crime

Cover art for Poison Romance and Poison MysteriesCover art for Remarkable Rogues - Careers of CriminalsCover art for The Crime & Capture of John Wilkes BoothCover art for The Autobiography of a ThiefCover art for The Atrocities of the PiratesCover art for Weird CrimesCover art for God Goes to Murderer's RowCover art for Kentucky's Famous Feuds and TragediesCover art for The Chronicles of CrimeCover art for The Incredible Trial of William PalmerCover art for The Right Way to Do WrongCover art for True Stories of Crime from The District Attorney's OfficeCover art for True Tales of The Secret ServiceCover art for Crime, Causes and RemediesCover art for Chronicles of Crime and CriminalsCover art for 18th Century CriminalsCover art for Criminal Manchester - Experiences of a Special CorrespondentCover art for Confessions of Nat Turner, InsurrectionistCover art for Dr. H.H. Holmes - America's First Serial KillerCover art for Lizzie Borden - The Fall River Tragedy