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Cover art for The Right Way to Do Wrong

The Right Way to Do Wrong

by: Harry Houdini

Unlock the secrets of deception and illusion with 'The Right Way to Do Wrong' by Harry Houdini. Join us as we venture into the shadowy world of criminals, swindlers, and tricksters, guided by the legendary magician himself. In this captivating audio experience, Houdini reveals the intricacies of various scams and cons, offering insights into the minds of those who choose the path of deception. Whether you're fascinated by magic, interested in the psychology of fraud, or simply love a good story, 'The Right Way to Do Wrong' is a must-listen. Learn about the art of misdirection, the allure of confidence tricks, and the strategies employed by master manipulators. Don't miss your chance to explore the dark side of human nature through the eyes of a master illusionist. Tune in now and let Harry Houdini show you 'The Right Way to Do Wrong'.