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Cover art for Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the SeaCover art for The Time MachineCover art for Science Fiction StoriesCover art for FrankensteinCover art for Journey to the Center of the EarthCover art for The War of The WorldsCover art for The Invisible ManCover art for The Thing from the LakeCover art for The Fairy RingCover art for The Wonderful Wizard of OzCover art for The New AtlantisCover art for Technical ErrorCover art for Mr. Zytztz Goes to MarsCover art for Captives of the Thieve-StarCover art for Ethics in a Modern WorldCover art for The Man Who Staked The StarsCover art for Lost on VenusCover art for Slaves to the Metal HordeCover art for The Island of Dr. MoreauCover art for Flatland - A Romance of Many DimensionsCover art for Out of Time's AbyssCover art for Philip Dru - AdministratorCover art for The Door Through SpaceCover art for The Flying InnCover art for The Gods of MarsCover art for The House of ArdenCover art for The House on the BorderlandCover art for The Machine StopsCover art for The MagicianCover art for The Road to OzCover art for Thuvia, Maid of MarsCover art for UFOs and UAPs - From Myth to MainstreamCover art for X Minus One ProjectCover art for ErewhonCover art for Baron's Marvellous Underground JourneyCover art for Around The World in Eighty DaysCover art for AnthemCover art for Alice's Adventures in WonderlandCover art for Book of the DamnedCover art for DraculaCover art for H.P. Lovecraft Short Horror StoriesCover art for At The Earth's CoreCover art for Gulliver's Travels