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Cover art for The Importance of Being EarnestCover art for The AlchemistCover art for Comic History of the United StatesCover art for A Midsummer Night's DreamCover art for Mr. Zytztz Goes to MarsCover art for Amphitryon or, Jupiter in DisguiseCover art for The RehearsalCover art for EmmaCover art for Tall Tales from TexasCover art for Memoirs of Barry LyndonCover art for Flatland - A Romance of Many DimensionsCover art for Much Ado About NothingCover art for Poems and Songs in the Lancashire DialectCover art for Stories of Don QuixoteCover art for The Conscious LoversCover art for The Devil's DictionaryCover art for The Divine ComedyCover art for The RomancersCover art for Three Men in a BoatCover art for Twelfth NightCover art for CandideCover art for Excuse Me!Cover art for Characters of Shakespeare's PlaysCover art for A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's CourtCover art for Arms and The ManCover art for Emma - A Jane Austen NovelCover art for Eve's DiaryCover art for EverymanCover art for Northanger Abbey by Jane AustenCover art for Gentlemen Prefer BlondesCover art for Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen NovelCover art for Little Women