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Cover art for Uncle Wiggily's Story Book

Uncle Wiggily's Story Book

by: Howard Garis

Dear Children: This is a quite different book from any others you may have read about me. In this volume I have some adventures with real children, like yourselves, as well as with my animal friends. These stories tell of the joyous, funny, exciting and everyday adventures that happen to you girls and boys. There is the story about a toothache, which you may read, or have read to you, when you want to forget the pain. There is a story of a good boy and a freckled girl. And there is a story about a bad boy, but not everyone is allowed to read that. There is a story for nearly every occasion in the life of a little boy or girl; about the joys of Christmas, of a birthday; about different animals, about getting lost, and one about falling in a mud puddle. And there are stories about having the measles and mumps, and getting over them. I hope you will like this book as well as you seem to have cared for the other volumes about me. And you will find some beautiful pictures in this book. Now, as Nurse Jane is calling me, I shall have to hop along. But I hope you will enjoy these stories. Your friend, Uncle Wiggily Longears.