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Cover art for The History of Genghis Khan

The History of Genghis Khan

by: Jacob Abbott

Uncover the riveting history of a legendary figure in "The Great Khan." Journey through the captivating life of Genghis Khan, a man born as Temujin to a clan leader father, only to face the cruel fate of his father's poisoning, leaving his family vulnerable and powerless on the expansive Eurasian Steppe. Yet, against all odds, Genghis emerged as a force to be reckoned with, ascending to power and forging the colossal Mongol Empire—a historical marvel of unprecedented proportions. Despite his monumental accomplishments and fearsome reputation, the enigma surrounding him prevails, shrouding even his appearance in mystery. With no surviving portrait, the vivid portrayal of Genghis Khan remains elusive, left to the interpretations of those who came after him. Delve into the pages that recount his rise to power, the creation of an empire that redefined history, and the intricate details of his death and potential resting place, as the legacy of Genghis Khan continues to captivate, leaving much yet to be discovered.