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Cover art for Rilla of Ingleside - A Dramatic Reading

Rilla of Ingleside - A Dramatic Reading

by: Lucy Maud Montgomery

Prepare to be moved by the poignant and powerful tale of "Rilla of Ingleside" by Lucy Maud Montgomery. Set against the backdrop of World War I, this gripping novel explores the transformative journey of Rilla Blythe, Anne Shirley's youngest daughter, as she navigates the challenges and heartbreaks of war on the home front. As the young men of Ingleside go off to fight, Rilla finds herself thrust into a world of uncertainty, fear, and sacrifice. Montgomery's masterful storytelling shines a light on the resilience and strength that emerge during times of adversity, as Rilla discovers her own courage and learns the true meaning of love and patriotism. "Rilla of Ingleside" is a profound and moving exploration of the human spirit, reminding us of the enduring power of hope, the bonds of family, and the indomitable nature of the human heart. Listen to this extraordinary tale and be transported to a time when courage and resilience were tested, and the triumph of the human spirit prevailed.