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Cover art for Howard's End

Howard's End

by: E. M. Forster

Step into the intricate world of early 20th-century England through this captivating novel. The tapestry of society comes to life as three families take center stage: the affluent Wilcoxes, the intellectual Schlegel siblings (Margaret, Tibby, and Helen), and the struggling lower-middle-class Basts. Amidst their distinct positions, E.M. Forster weaves a complex narrative that delves into class divisions and societal norms. As the Schlegel sisters bridge the gap between the Basts and the Wilcoxes, the motto "Only connect..." resonates throughout, echoing the desire for unity amidst diversity. Through these intertwined lives, Forster paints a vivid portrait of a transforming society, touching on themes of wealth, prejudice, and human connection that continue to resonate with readers today.