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Mar 29, 2018

Today we’re joined by Ben Cheney who is a professional researcher of movement. In this episode, we will talk about dance and the many varieties that Ben has explored. I really love Ben’s perspective of movement and how he has cultivated a mind-body relationship that allows him to express himself through dance. In this episode, Ben and I dive into the concept of Life Art and how we can bring awareness to our body through movement.


Note from Ben Cheney:

I often forget to mention names when talking about ideas. I wanted to make sure that the names that I didn’t formally mention were recognized here as they are all very important in the story of my moving life. The gifts that they gave me are what has allowed for me to grow and find the window within myself that I may share with others.

The founders of Concord Academy Petoskey were Kim and Steve Overton. My dance teacher while i attended school there were: Jodi Adgate, Sylvia Jania, and Gary Schulz.

My ballet teacher and the director of the Crooked Tree Dance Department is Heather Raue.

The male teacher, whom is mention, is the Artistic Director of Deeply Rooted in Chicago, is Iega.

The founder of BMC is Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. The teacher that facillitated the sphenoid/occipital relationship in my BMC module was Janet Amato.


Links mentioned in the episode..

Buoyant Feet Video

Sphenoid Bone


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After recording this episode Ben and I danced in the park. Check out the video HERE


Thank you for listening!

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