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Feb 18, 2019

Today we're joined with Blake Bowman who is the founder of GuerrillaZen Fitness. Through GuerrillaZen Fitness Blake produces a myriad of educational content that takes a holistic approach to health and wellness. He teaches corrective exercises that help work through muscle imbalances and correct bad posture, Bio optimization which utilizes herbs and other natural remedies to reduce stress and anxiety, and the benefits of breathing, hydration, the list goes on and on. Blake also runs the GuerrillaZen podcast where he talks with the world's top researchers, doctor, and experimenters as they share their health secrets with you.  GuerrillaZen YouTube, Instagram and Facebook page have collectively amassed over 200,000 subscribers at the point of recording this podcast which makes sense because his videos are densely packed with valuable information and are easy to digest.

Blake hasn’t always run his business online and in this conversation, we’ll go back to when he first opened his own practice at a physical location. We’ll explore some of the benefits and limitations of working from a physical location and how he eventually transitioned to run his business 100% online. Having said that, Blake has mentioned an interest in working with a select few clients in person again to switch it up so if you live in Northern Michigan this could be an incredible opportunity to work with Blake in person. Regardless of if you live in the area or not be sure to connect with Blake through the links in the show notes if you want to learn more about his work and the incredible products and services he has to offer.

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